This is not a site on "how to train your ..." in the conventional sense. Rather it will become a collection of my ideas, trails, experiences and successes over time. I have often heard people say "Oh, Gaby's dogs can do that of course ..." implying that a) my dogs are in some way "different" to the speaker's dog or your own for that matter, and b), suggesting that the speaker's dog or your dog can't do what my dogs can. While some dogs come with physical problems or even inabilities and are limited in some way, the vast majority of dogs can do and achieve amazing things. It is us humans who usually don't spend the time, don't have the knowledge or the patience or don't even have the imagination to come up with ever new and exciting challenegs to give our dogs. 

The first article here, Creativity in Pet Dogs, was written as part of my homework for a course with well known trainer and educator Kay Laurence. She offers on-line courses for both beginners as well as advanced people and her courses and workshops are truly fabulous.

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