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Prequel with pictures

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, In : Litter blog 
This will be a blog of "catching up".
Firstly, let me introduce the wonderful dad: Aneou, who lives with his owner Isabelle in Switzerland.

For more pictiures and to see this amazing little dog, go to Isabelle's website:
You all knopw Lollie of course, but just in case you want to have another look, she has her own blog (sort of, when I take the time) and this is a new picture of her

and now ... drum roll ... the new stars at Wesavi:

  The fir...
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1 month old

Posted by Gaby on Sunday, January 8, 2012, In : Litter blog 
Tomorrow the puppies will be 1 month old. It is hard to believe. Of course I was late with starting this blog, but it is now under way.
We are narrowing the names down, but for easy reference until they have been finalised the puppies are as follows:
firstborn: HB (stands for Harlequin boy). The french name for the "merle" colour is "arlequin", or english "harlequin". Since these are special dogs, I like to use the special colour reference :-). The second born was the BG (black Girl). Of cours...
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