The puppies are almost 9 weeks old. In many ways they are so big already, but in many ways they are still such babies. Our biggest problem is that Lollie still wants to feed them and it is a battle to create a good puppy-raising-environment, with mum around to teach them about life and yet keep her away and supervised enough that they can't drink from her.

Lollie overseeing things

I believe in a ballanced life for puppies, where they learn from everyone in the household - humans, cats, the environment and of course the other dogs.
Here Pierre is trying to convince Chippy to part with his toy....

Hands off my toy ...

I can't resist taking pictures of their cute faces, which start to perfectly reflect their little personalities.

Ms Innocent herself. Needless to say that she is anything but ...!

Pierre - the best puppy you could wish for. Simply a "Teddy Bear"

And This is Lacroix ... the jury is still out on him. He can be a little devil with his sibblings, he is Lollie's favourite, although it is him she most often disciplins when they play too rough. He can be very sweet towards us humans and often comes for a cuddle, but he can also occupy himself with "important" things, at which times humans become less important in his life. He is of course just totally cute ...

And Princess - well she is as cute in character as she looks. The smallest by quite a bit, she makes sure she gets what she wants by just being cute :-)

the  puppies play and play and play ...

Cutie-pie and Lacxi

Chanel, Lacroix and probably Pierre

Chanle and Lacxi discussing how best to prune the remainder of the plant they used as a toy substitute
And just as suddenly as the game began, they all fall into a "puppy heap" to sleep.