My goodness, how time flies.

I realise I haven't been here for a while, but I didn't realise it has been quite this long.

In the meantime I am a  4 Time Champion mum says we are working towards "Grandchampion" status (whatever that may be) and we are in fact also working in a completely new discipline. I'll have to post a picture, else you won't believe it. It is, shall we say, a change from our usual high activity events.

Thought I would share that I am lying joined 5th overall after the Qualifiers for the World Agility Championships. The Finals will be on the first weekend in June and we need all our fans to cross their paws for me. Mum says if I qualify in the top 9 I am allowed to run in the Individual competition as well as the Team event. I would really like that. Chippy is not doing so well this year in the ranking, but then he started the year off with yet another abdominal surgery and only slowly got back into form. Everyone was very worried - even me ...

This weekend we are running some fun competitions at the Nurtphase Animal Carnival. Boy, it is so much fun, can't tell you. Today we had a rest day, but we competed Friday and Saturday and mum says we will go back tomorrow (Monday) and Wednesday (a public holiday ehre in South Africa). I wished every weekend was that good.

So, yesterday I won the Dog Jumping event. Mum was really clear for a change. At the Jump-off she told me she wants me to run faster than Rikki and Benji and "show the boys" - so I did.

Picture: Melissa Wilson

Left to right: Candy Tothill, organizer; ME and Gaby, Bill Middleton, judge, Lucy Tothill, organizer.

Mum says I must be gracious and also tell you about Chippy's new freestyle routine. Well, I am really not in the best of moods about the freestyle event. I performed my new HTM routine. My FIRST HTM routine (HTM = Heelwork to Music, I also didn't know until recently), and NOBODY took a video of me, but they DID take a video of Chippy ... you think that is fair? No, me neither.

Anyway, no point in me TELLING you about the routine, like the fact that Chippy made AT LEAST 2 mistakes! and what's worse, mum made a really big boo-boo - so after all that, what is left in a routine? Exactly. Anyway, before I go on telling you about Chippy's routine and someone blames me of sour grapes and all that, I think you should check it out for yourself

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Oh, and while we are talking freestyle, mum says I must also tell you that everyone loves Cassie's new HTM routine, which is to some old fashioned German music witha really nice beat (even I like the beat), and it has something to do with Paris. Since mum has been there earlier this year (if I go to the Worlds this year, I'll also go to Paris, so not such a big deal, going to Paris ...), anyway, she got herself a T-shirt from Paris for the routine.
Now that I have told you everything about everybody's routines, I still can't show you much of mine :-(. It's also to German music ... I suppose it's OK ... mum said she thinks I really like it, because I learned it in a very short time ... what does she think I am, *stupid*? Why shouldn't I learn a little routine in a short time and what does it have to do with me liking the music I ask you? .. OK, but I think I like the music anyway. Just got a bit distracted towards the end by the people.

Pictures: Melissa Wislon

Hope you enjoy the update

Love you all ... don't forget to cross those paws for us at the SA Champs and the selection for the Team to go to the World Champs!