Ok, all of you who think they understand humans - raise your hands. Now all of you who "really" understand humans raise your hands ... and as far as I am concerned there shouldn't be a single one of you in that last category.

I mean I thought I finally grasped humans. You know, they like those little ribbons ... I even got to the stage (ghasp) that *I* liked those ribbons - mum allowed me to play tug occasionally with one, so hey, I began to think they were fun too. And then, last weekend I realised ... oh no, it's not about the ribbons, it's about some piece of paper ... Paper? Yes, really, a paper - looks all fancy and everything, but it is just a piece of paper.
So mum explains to me, it's those papers we really want, and never mind the ribbons. She calls them a "QC" and says we can only get them at special shows and we need 3 QCs in Dog Jumping to be called a Dog Jumping Champion ... (why would I want to be called that in the first place? - but you know me by now, I am ever so good natured, and play along with whatever mum dreams up). So now that she explained this well to me, I know that this weekend we hunt pieces of paper ... well, OF COURSE we got the papers ... did you truly have to ask? 1 on Saturday and one on Sunday ... It was like Wilhelm Busch said ... "Dieses war der erste Streich, und der zweite folgt sogleich ..." ...(Ehh, yes, I am well read and multilingual ... anything else you are surprised about?
Anyway, mum was sooo pleased, she threw a whole packet of yummie dog treats on the lawn for me to eat ... hey, I liked that part of the paper hunt- even shared 1 with Benji (well, I thought 1 was quite enough - they were *my* treats after all, weren't they?). She said we got the 3 QCs as "1-2-3 consecutive shows". She said that was very good ... yeeeeees ... so what else did she expect from me? Lots of kisses and stuff later (I can do without the kisses - Thank you very much!) and mum all of a sudden got all funny - she looked quite sad ... I was so worried .... She tells me the last paper didn't count ... didn't count? I mean were we eliminated or something? No, she said it "sort of counted", but not for our Championship title, 'cause the same judge judged Saturday and Sunday, and a different judge must sign each of the 3 papers ... I suggested she should just ask another judge to sign it, but she said it doesn't work that way ... So, now I am terribly confused. We got the paper, and mum said that is still great, but we need another one now for the Champion thing, and she said if the next one is again from the same judge it doesn't count either until we get one from a new judge ... you know of course what I had to say to that ... I mean it IS simple, is it not? Just ask someone else to judge ... Mum insists that I don't understand and things are not as simple as I think ..... Whu? - So who out tehre understands humans?

So, we got the paper, but it doesn't count. Mum says on Saturday we were the 4th fastest dog all round and her friends told her she held back, we could have been faster - helllooooo finally someone sees my point, isn't that what I have been saying all along?  
I did a super - duper run for the Dog Jumping on Sunday and then we had a really, really hard course for Agility, which we did OK, but mum made some funny moves again and we collided AGAIN .... (sigh ...I give up, what more can I say. This was almost a 3way collision, as the judge was also almost involved...). I was upset, I mean what am I supposed to do? So the last round  of the day I was holding back, I was tired as well, and I was just a bit worried.

But hey, it was a great weekend.
Oh yes, Allez also did well and mum was quite pleased with Chippy .. (not as pleased as with me, you understand)

Did you see mum uploaded Quincy's TV ad? I have a pretty mum, have I not? I think I would have liked to do that ad ... that saussage is yummie! They brought some back from the shoot for us all to enjoy - I think mum must go to have breakfast at Wimpy's ...