Chippy (left) and Lollie (right) during early freestyle practice

Hi again

No, no, don't worry, we haven't got any new additions to our household. Mum says that is the only "freestyle picture" she can find of Chippy or me right now. How shocking is that? That picture is 2 years old! And nobody has taken pictures of us since then?  Well, if you ask me, it is a disgrace ....

Anyway, I promised you another blog, and I really would like to know how you feel about this, because me personally, well I could hide in the tiniest mouse hole that I can find I am so embarrassed.

It concerns my brother Chippy. He has been doing a lot of freestyle training (not that he knows that many more tricks than I do, but that is beside the point). A few days ago we went to the local feed merchant with mum. I had to stay in the car to look after the car - someone has to do the serious work around here, while Chippy went into the store with mum. There were a few customers in the store and mum had to wait. She took a packet of our favorite treats off the shelve to buy it with all the horse food (have you got any idea how much a horse eats? Boy, he eats MUCH more than all us dogs put together!). Chippy has a few people "issues", so mum took the opportunity to do a few tricks with him while they waited. Of course the people were smitten with Chippy and asked what else he could do. So mum and Chippy showed off their tricks. So far so good, I don't have any issues with that. However, when mum wanted to pay, the guy said the treats were free, because of all the tricks Chippy did for them! Mum thought that was "cute"! Now is that embarrassing or what? Yeah, of course we all work for our living, but getting a packet of food for performing some tricks is just like being a street performer, and what kind of people are those? Us, I mean us, we are pure bred, pedigreed Pyreneans and shouldn't be begging with a few tricks to get some food. Well, as I said, I think it is too terrible for words and mum thinks it's "cute". She says it was his first "paid job". Like you could compare that with the TV work Quincy and the others are doing - they are STARS - real stars - this is a disgrace. I wonder what they dream up next? Go begging on the side of the road? Chippy says I am just jelous because it wasn't me who got the treats ... well, I hate to tell him that mum was sharing them with all of us anyway, so there. And as I said, I needed to guard the car - nobody paid me for that coming to think of it. After all, the car was still there when they came back.

I am signing off now, because I am really not in a good mood about this whole thing, and I seem to hear some of you giggling away ... it's NOT FUNNY.

Speak to you later - oh probably in 2 days - we are going to a Christmas Party on Tuesday. A party just for us - can't wait. I'll tell you all about it