After much consideration and thought (at least I thought I had given it much consideration and thought ;-)), I have enrolled on the Metal Clay Masters Registry. It was a bit of a rude awakening when I finally read the descriptions of the projects we have to make and how much it differed from what I had envisioned them to be after reading the titles on the website.Things like combining silver with copper ... no problem I thought, I will have fun playing with some copper clay ...! Oh no, not copper clay, we are expected to work with copper meatal ... the only "metal work" I have ever done is use wire to tie up my garden plants and that is the stuff that is plastic coated! So, while I enrolled in the program to stretch my abilities, learn more, get professional feedback and have a goal to work towards, I had no idea how MUCH this is going to challenge me.

This blog is inspired by Julia Rai's webpage of her Master's Registry journey, which I find so very helpful. This will be a different journey to the same destintion and perhaps others starting out will be able to benefit. While I will try not to spend too much time writing and rather working on the projects ;-), I will try to illustrate my path in a step by step fasion, culminating (hopefully :-)), by the feedback from the assessors and ultimately my certificate.

Looking forward to having you along