ChCa Flocki W-FD/MF, W-FDBr


This is Flocki when she arrived here in December 2000 straight out of the informal settlement not far from here. Lydia gave her to me as a "replacement" for my dear Jet'aime who had died so suddenly and unexpectedly.

Flocki's mum was Lydia's dog "Whitey" and Lydia told me that Flocki was a very special dog .... I did not have the heart to tell Lydia that Flocki could not replace Jet'aime, nor could we send this little white puppy back to a bleak future as a street dog. She was so tiny that we thought she would be a Jack Russell type dog when she was grown up and would not take up much space around here ... little did we know that she would grow ... and grow ... and grow ... and turn into a stunning girl - very much like a "White Shepherd - look alike"

Flocki's hips are unfortunately not clear. We have a very strict philosophy about our Agility dogs and their health checks, so Flocki was excluded from a career as an Agility dog. However she took up carting and became our first Carting Champion. Later we  started freestyle with her and she and Bubi got their W-FDBrace title. She has also got her individual W-FD/MF title. We are now working on K9Dressage.


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