We gave an hour long demo for Grade 4s at the Hurleyvale Primary school. From right (on her back) Allez, Lollie, Quincy and Chippy ... and Gaby

Allez is the new Wimpy Dog

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 We have a new litter of puppies

Meet the new babies:


.. and here are our first born


Meet  ChDJ KUSA Nat DJ'10 & '11, Wesavi A Chippendale (Chippy),     Ch, ChDJ,ChAg, Ch NonC Wesavi La Lollita (Lollie) and their amazing mum Int Ch, Ch (SA), ChDJ, ChAg, ChNonC, Ch-WFD KUSA Nat DJ & Ag '03 & '04 Ivorine de la Vallee du Mouton CDX (HD00) (Quincy), and see their pedigree and some of their relatives

We are more than just another breeder however. We are home to several dogs of all shapes, sizes and abilities, all of which needed a second chance in life. Some came to us as puppies, some as adults, some had been mistreated, for some we have no record of their previous lives.

We believe that given love and positive training every dog can be a "Performance" dog and shine in a discipline suitable to him or her. It is our duty as owners to find a suitable discipline for each dog.

While our emphasis lies in Agility and Freestyle, our dogs have also successfully performed in Obedience, Carting, Tracking and Breed (Conformation) and are regularly asked to do film and TV work.



On the following pages we proudly present:


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Agility World Championships 


Both Lollie and Chippy have qualified for the Medium Team event at this year's Agility World Championships in Austria.

Read more about it on Lollie's blog

South Africa's 1st ever Medium Team at the Agility World Champs 2009

left to right: Chippy (Pyrenean Sheepdog), Lollie (Pyrenean Sheepdog), Emma (Beagle),
with handlers Gaby Grohovaz and Annaret Meintjes

Picture courtesy Garry Killian



Team SA 2009

left to right (standing): Lloyd Bristow and Vibe (Small), Gail Killian and Ricky (Small), Linda Barnard and Dylan (Large), Silke Sobek (Team Leader), Rob Evans and Ziljian (Large), Jason van der Nest and Chad (Large), Alison Roets and Frey and Ostara (both Large), Julie Yates and Chace (Large); (kneeling): Gaby Grohovaz and Chippy and Lollie (both Medium), Gaby Frey and Scooby (Small), Annaret Meintjes and Emma (Medium)


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