KUSA Nat DJ '10 Wesavi AChippendale W-FD

 Chippy winning the Montego Floating trophy at the Montego Dog Fest in Boksburg 2009. The trophy was awarded to the overall best Agility Dog over the weekend.

Picture: Vivienne Totthill


Chippy is Lollie's litter brother and the 2 couldn't be more different if they tried. He is a fawn Pyrenean Sheepdog. He is probably the most fun loving, energetic dog I have ever come across.

He is his mother's mirror image - just a little taler than she is and now at 3 years of age he is finally becoming a little more "masculine looking". Being the playful dog he is, he can't help but get into trouble all the time. A broken toe here, a swallowed toy there - life is never dull with Chippy around. Due to all these medical issues which usually mean a shaved body part, or a "plaster" for several weeks, his show carreer had been put on hold. We hope he will start again in 2010.

In the meantime he is a firm favorite with the public with his freestyle routine, and he has managed to achieve some impresive wins in Agility already.

As of 2010 we will hopefully have a rule change and he will be allowed to compete in Dog Jumping as well. At present he is too tall to jump in the "Small" category and I would not allow him to jump 65cm, which is the height the dogs need to jump in "Large".


  • WCFO Freestyle Beginner title
  • CACIAG Bloemfontein 2009 (first Medium Dog in South Africa to win a CACIAG)
  • Represented South Africa at the Agility World Champs 2009 (first Medium Team for South Africa)
  • Winner Montego Trophy for Best Agility Dog at the Dog Festival in Boksburg 09
  • KUSA Nat DJ '10 ..... After Dog Jumping was introduced for "Midi" dogs only a few months ago, Chippy is the first dog in South Africa to win this title!





 Pictures: Melissa Wilson






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