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  Allez is the new Wimpy Dog
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Of all my dogs Allez perhaps spoils me the most. I had been hinting that "one day" I would like to have a Jack Russell - or similar type dog. Having worked with Quincy and her fear issues, I longed for the daredevil attitude of a Terrier, preferably a Jack Russell, to compete in Agility. However, I was worried whether I could live on a day by day basis with that same attitude that I so admired on the Agility field. And then Allez came into my life. My groom found her one Sunday morning running up and down a very busy road. He brought her home and we tried in vain to find her owners. She was approximately 6 months old and clearly came from a home with small children. To this day she loves little kids. We never did find her original owners. We then thought we had a good home for her, but when the person saw her he declared that she was not a proper Jack Russell and he did not want her.   So in the end she stayed with us - our gain, their loss - my Jack Russell. I don't know what else may be in her pedigree, but whatever it is turned her into the most lovely little dog. She truly has all the good attributes of a Terrier but non of the bad ones. Living with her is a pleasure. She loves people and other animals (except mice and rats). At times people can distract her and often she just has to quickly say "hello" before following whatever I had asked her to do. She is very smart and loves to train. However, she does not tolerate mistakes on my part and will tell everyone at the top of her voice when she believes I messed up again. Earlier this year we were nominated for "most entertaining dog" in Agility - and it had nothing to do with awesome rounds!

Photo: Melissa Wilson

Photos: Melissa Wilson

Allez is also a very talented freestyle dog, finishing her Intermediate title in freestyle at present. I am afraid she is definitely NOT a Heelwork to Music candidate though! Again, she is so unlike my other dogs, especially Quincy, who love to polish and practise their routines - Allez would be quite happy to have a new routine every day! It is her I have to thank for my improvisation skills, which used to be non-existent in the past, but are coming on nicely out of necessity!

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