Both Lollie and Chippy have again made the Medium Team for the Agility World Championships 2010



KUSA 2010



To Our Small Team:

Gaby and Scoobie, Gail and Ricki, Lloyd and Vibe

To Our Medium Team:

Gaby and Lollie, Gail and Tyla, Gaby and Chippy

To Our Large Team:

Carmen and Seis, Alison and Ostara, Linda and Dylan

To Our Individuals:

Carmen and Seis, Alison and Ostara, Linda and Dylan, Richard and Ich, Sharleen and Boet, Alison and Freya, Gaby and Scoobie, Gail and Ricki and Lloyd and Vibe

May your trip to Germany be a Personal and Team success.

Positive Agility!!!



Agility is essentially an obstacle course for dogs. The fastest dog with

 the least faults wins.

The handler has to direct the dog through the course without leash and without touching the dog. They can use body language as well as voice cues.

Different organizations have different rules regarding penalties, exact obstacle specification, height classes (small dogs jump over lower obstacles than large dogs do) and so on. Here we follow the rules of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). FCI runs 3 different height classes - Small (dogs under 35 cm), Medium (dogs 35cm but under 43 cm) and Large (43 cm and above). There are 2 different types of courses, so called Contact, or Agility, and so called Non-Contact or Jumping courses. The 2 differ in the types of obstacles that are used.

On Non-Contact courses the obstacles used are hurdles (jumps), which can be plain uprights or spread jumps, walls, long jumps, tire jumps, tunnels, both pipe tunnels as well as cloth tunnels and bending poles. In Contact Agility in addition to the above there are also a see-saw, an A-frame a Dog Walk and a box. 


 The highlight of the yearly Agility calendar are the FCI Agility World Championships. There are both Individual as well as Team events for all height categories. South Africa has won Gold twice in the Team event for Large dogs. Only Brazil has a better Team record than that. We are still looking for our first Individual medal however.

Our dogs have had the honor to compete at the Worlds for 8 years now and have been trail blazers for South Africa. Jet'aime, the Standard Poodle was a member of the very first South African Team in 1998 and again in 1999. From 2001 to 2004, Quincy participated at the Worlds as the first Medium dog for South Africa (in the Individual event) in 2009 both her pupies, Lollie and Chippy were members of the first ever South African Medium Team and they achieved this again in 2010.


 Team SA 2009 - both Chippy and Lollie were part of the Medium Team




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